Sunday, October 25, 2015

Review Sunday: Adele - "Hello"

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It's hard for me as a Swifties guy who happens to love Taylor Swift's works to review Adele's latest effort, "Hello", as people compare these two amazing women and their distinctive works; which will sell more. As of now, "Hello"'s music video has broken most viewed videos in 24-hour on VEVO, a record which was held by no other than Swift before. The battle of the fan has just begun, and I am not surprised that it can start the third world war. 

A question of who is more successful doesn't seem so essential right now, especially since Adele and Swift's target market is quite different. While Swift targets younger female audiences, and sometimes a pathetic guy like me, Adele has broader audience and it gives Adele a kind of advantage. But, when it comes to breaking record, sorry Swift, you may have collected three 5-times Platinum certified albums in USA, and most viewed videos in 24-hour on VEVO, but Adele effortlessly snatches all of your records away. 

But, let's stop talking about these two amazing women. "Hello" is Adele's new song after three years of anticipation, Her previous work, "Skyfall", a James Bond film soundtrack, earned her a Grammy Award and Academy Award--something that Swift hasn't yet achieved (okay, enough of your shady commentaries, Dude). So, when she announced her album, 25, all over the world go batshit crazy. 

It's with a reason, of course. "Hello" is unique as a first single. Many artists don't have courage to release a ballad as the lead single, but Adele is the exception. It's like a breath of fresh air after radio has been bombarded by R&B songs: The Weeknd and that annoying "Uptown Funk" have ruled the charts this year. 

However, for Adele, "Hello" is not breath of fresh air. Adele plays it safe this time. Compared to "Rolling In The Deep", "Hello" is kinda forgettable. It indeed has a grandiose concept, and the operatic atmosphere this song has feels really classy and grand, but this isn't something groundbreaking. I really adore Adele's vocal here, though. It's stronger than anything she's ever released before if that's ever possible. 

Adele stated that 25 will be a make-up album and it's proven by "Hello". She whispered "Hello, it's me" at the beginning of the song. It's not only a start of apology for her lover, but also a greeting for her fans all over the world. "Hello" reflects what relationship in the past is supposed to turn out as she sings, "I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be" When the chorus starts, the "I must've called a thousand times to tell you. I'm sorry, for everything that I've done" part reminds me of Back To December (okay, enough). 

If people all over the internet make meme about Adele and classic hits "Hello" by Lionel Richie, I'm sure that Adele's "Hello" will be also an instant classic. And, yes indeed. "Hello" is a really nice comeback from Adele even though it's kinda forgettable. 

However, "Hello" is superior than "Shake It Off". So, let's add another tally to Adele's scoreboard. 

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