Saturday, May 14, 2016

Review Saturday: CHVRCHES - "Warning Call"

"Warning Call"
Theme from Mirror's Edge Catalyst
Electronic Arts

Glaswegian synth-pop band CHVRCHES understands the adage that says "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", as proven by their sophomore album, Every Open Eye. Their debut, The Bones of What You Believe, fantastically works and becomes a masterpiece. It's not a surprise if they want to achieve the same lofty Metacritic rating for their sophomore album. But somehow, Every Open Eye, doesn't work. It has the similar sound, but it lacks the "it" factor that's apparent in The Bones of What You Believe, making CHVRCHES become one of the sophomore slump's victims. Don't get me wrong, Every Open Eye is still a great album, but it's much inferior compared to that chef d'ouvre called The Bones of What You Believe. Gladly, we don't need to wait too long for CHVRCHES to redeem themselves.  In "Warning Call", a theme song from the reboot of Mirror's Edge, CHVRCHES reminds us the "it" factor that makes them great. 

Making music for video games is not easy. It should be emotional because playing games itself is an emotional journey as we melt with the characters who embark on a covetous journey that we've always wished for. Music for video games must match the twirl of human being's feeling: when it's sad, it should be so sad that your heart bleeds; when it's blithe, it should be so cheerful that it pumps you up. "Warning Call" does them all. Mayberry sings from Faith's point of view, the main character in Mirror's Edge Catalyst who seeks freedom from a glass city. You can sense the forlornness in "Warning Call", a scream from girl who's trammeled in a dystopian city, but you can also feel her glimmer of hope as Mayberry soars, "Looked out on the cold ground / and we try to break the fall". "Warning Call"'s vigor suits Faith who happens to be a daring free runner. Its vigor makes you excited as well, but makes you cry at the same time. Their ability to twist our emotion is the reason why we love CHVRCHES at the first place. 

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