Sunday, May 8, 2016

Review Sunday: KAYTRANADA - "GOT IT GOOD (feat. Craig David)"

"GOT IT GOOD (feat. Craig David)"
XL Recordings

When is the last time we hear something good from Craig David? David pretty much goes inconspicuous after his 2008's greatest hits album which features "Insomnia", and he's never heard since then. So, when Canadian producer Louis Celestin, or KAYTRANADA, invites back David to the relevancy, their collaboration should be something we should look forward to. After all, KAYTRANADA is known by his knack for bringing the best of his collaborator, as proven in his single, "Glowed Up", which features his fidus Achates, Anderson. Paak. And that's what David needs: a prodigy. Unsurprisingly, their collaboration works. When I first hear KAYTRANADA's debut album, 99.9%, "GOT IT GOOD" instantly grabs my attention. 

One of the reasons is because of David's evocative and distinctive voice that mellifluously suits KAYTRANADA's composition, that is heavily infused with drum beat and synthesizers. Without spending any time, KAYTRANADA blasts the chorus at the beginning of the song, celebrating wealthiness and consumerism as David sings, "Don’t worry ‘bout the tag/ Go and throw it in the bag/ Cause I got it good." When most of other songs explicitly state that money is not everything, "GOT IT GOOD" becomes the anti-"Price Tag", contradicting everything Jessie J has tried to establish six years ago. But, in "GOT IT GOOD", David provides ground why money matters, because she is "worth it" and "she held me down when I had nothing". David may pompously flaunt his opulence, max credit card, rare Nike shoes, and "Buckingham Palace", but it is justifiable. It's Craig David, dude! 

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