Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hidden Track: Japandroids - "Crazy/Forever"


Seven years ago, Japandroids fell in love. Their debut album, Post-Nothing, which is released on April 27, 2009 becomes their pedestal to showcase and flaunt their declaration of love. You can feel their ephebic recklessness and high school spirit that heavily influence their debut album. They elaborate what it looks like when a bunch of punk boys fall in love. They sound harsh, surprisingly shy and (unsurprisingly) cheesy. Post-Nothing becomes their pioneer opus that records their roughness, a stepping stone which will later help them establish their position in the world's punk rock industry. 

It's an interesting thing to notice that the longest song in Japandroids' debut album, "Crazy/Forever"--its duration is more than six minutes--only consists of ten words while majority of the song is filled with an extravagant concoction of Brian King's guitar riffs and David Prowse's drum beat. With throaty voice, King and Prowse romantically whisper their cheesy lines, "We'll stick together forever/ Stay stick together/ Be crazy forever" over and over, but it doesn't sound monotonous. It's fine, though, to be cheesy as we all can't deny that we have undergone a cheesy and corny phase, when stupid love songs are our best friend, we're aggressively obsessed with our crush, and we're unable to live without her or him. "Crazy/Forever" reminisces us that phase, celebrating our youth when we bumptiously believe that nothing can destroy us, until the reality hits us. Even if it's not until 2012 before they start celebrating anything, but Post-Nothing, and especially "Crazy/Forever", paves their way to that celebration.

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