Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review Thursday: Mitski - "Happy"

Puberty 2
Dead Oceans

Ever since Pharrell Williams' smash-hit "Happy" was ubiquitously heard in every radio station back in 2014, we always think of that ear-wormy and catchy tune every time we feel blithe and happy. Mitski Miyawaki, or more known by her first name Mitski, tries to re-brand the whole concept of happiness by creating an ominous song called "Happy". It's the second song she throws after "Your Best American Girl"--a paroxysmal song about unrequited love (one of the finest songs this year)--as a teaser of her fourth studio album (and her first with Dead Oceans label), Puberty 2. 

In "Happy", still as tumultuous as ever, Mitski anthrophormizes happiness as a one night stand man who promises to stay, but leaves in the next morning. She depicts happiness as a man who "bought cookies on the way", whispering at the beginning of the song between the soft drum beat. As the instrument gets louder and the blowing sound of horn is heard, Mitski realizes that the happiness is a jerk as he's gone while she goes to bathroom ("I was in the bathroom/ I didn’t hear him leave/ I locked the door behind him"). Complaining of the mess he left behind, Mitski sings, "Well I sighed and mumbled to myself/ Again I have to clean." Mitski's "Happy" has an ironic feeling to it as it is a parable of the sinuous happiness, the up-and-down of our feeling, and an allegory of happiness and sadness; both can't last forever, no matter how tight we hold on to each of them. 

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