Friday, April 29, 2016

Review Friday: White Lung - "Below"

White Lung

When a punk rock band such as White Lung decides to make a ballad for glamorous women, do not expect it to be something Adele-esque. It is not. But still, White Lung's "Below", the third taste (after "Hungry" and "Kiss Me When I Bleed") of this Canadian band's third album, Paradise, is something that is surprisingly digestible easily, lighter than their previous materials. In "Below", White Lung tones their fieriness down, but still maintains their viciousness, as noted in the William's chorus guitar that begins the song, layering droned sounds on top. Something that they've never done before, William admits. 

But, that's not the only thing that makes "Below" an exhilarating song. "Part the tide", Mish Way sings as if she were Moses. It's also the starting point of an epic journey, just like when Moses parted the Red Sea--the mark of Israel's journey to Canaan. Inspired by Camille Paglia's interview, "Below" is about the transience of a beauty, an ephemera that we value. "They'll bury your beauty/ transient living stone," Way soars. "I want to take it all down/ burn in the waste you have found/ I want to throw it around/ Back where the sea meets the ground". The chorus is not the climax--every part of the song is all climax, an epitome of White Lung's awesomeness and broadness in exploring genre. When they go "pop", they go all out. 

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