Friday, April 15, 2016

Review Friday: Highasakite - "Golden Ticket"

"Golden Ticket"
Camp Echo
Propeller Records

Charlie Bucket rom Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory can be deemed as an allegory of escapism from reality, where a young boy who got a golden ticket got to visit a surreal chocolate factory and he found this whole experience different. Even if Highasakite's "Golden Ticket" is not inspired by Dahl's fascinating tale--it's inspired by Gunvor Hofmo's post World War II poem, Dat er ingen hverdag mer--the song pretty much shares the same spirit. 

"Golden Ticket" is a follow-up from their lead track of Camp Echo, "Someone Who'll Get It". In "Someone Who'll Get It", this five-piece Norway pop band shows their sinister side, embracing their dark side. On the other hand, "Golden Ticket" polarly exhibits their poppy side, a same approach they use in 2014's Silent Treatment. Håvik starts the song with, "God, if you're still watching", a conceit of Hofmo's poem, There's no more every day if translated. Singing between their heavily-synthed beat, Håvik says about the escapism, using a metaphor of golden ticket, "I got a golden ticket/ I'm out", not giving a crap about anything. Highasakite underlines the contradiction between the song's overall composition and the message that they try to spread, making "Golden Ticket" a mesmerizing experience. 

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