Friday, April 1, 2016

Review Friday: dvsn - "Do It Well"

"Do It Well"
Sept 5th
OVO Sound

The wait is over. We finally know the genius mind behind dvsn, a mysterious R&B group, first appeared in last October, that made people go insane. Paul Jefferies, known by his stage name Nineteen85, a Canadian producer behind Drake's finest hits, such as: "Hold On, We're Going Home" and "Hotline Bling", teams up with Daniel Daley, confirming viral speculation that Daley is the vocalist of dvsn. 

Now that the enigma has finally been resolved, dvsn is now ready to take over the R&B world with their debut, Sept 5th, that's released on March 27th. Their previous singles that have been released on their SoundCloud account, "The Line", "Too Deep", "With Me", and "Hallucinations", are included in their debut album, and they add six more songs, making Sept 5th filled with ten amazing R&B songs, but "Do It Well" comes out as my favorite. 

What I like from R&B songs is that they can turn lasciviousness into something beautiful, like what Miguel did last year in "Coffee". Indeed, sexual desire is something natural, but good artists will concoct this naturalness into something arty, without sounding corny and salacious. dvsn's "Do It Well" is another example, where it's basically a song about--well--stripper. Jefferies-produced thumping drum that starts the song sounds like a heartbeat as if it marked the birth of something. Daley's whispery voice begins the song, "You're the only one I can talk to/And I ain't gotta talk to you". "Do It Well"'s downtempo showcases Daley's voice as he unravels more about the stripper, celebrating her bodies, "I'm feeling fucked up, still love fucking/I ain't throwing money in the air for nothing", before he finally admits that the stripper is "the only therapy I know". 

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