Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review Saturday: Porches - "Car"


It is hard to make a song from a thing that is ubiquitous without sounding too banal. In "Car", Aaron Maine a.k.a. Porches sings about the mode of transportation that can be found anywhere. It's an ode to car and automobile. "It takes us away from where are," Maine hums, so full of wonder that how can such thing can take us anywhere. He repeated "Oooh what a machine" in a hypnotizing way, like a 50's child who's ecstatic when he rides a car for the first tame. "Car" may sound so constant with that repetitive beat on chorus, but you can't stop humming along with Maine "Oooh what a machine!" And you also wonder what a magical thing car is. 

Pool by Porches has been released yesterday by Domino Records. 

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