Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Review Wednesday: How To Dress Well - "Lost Youth/Lost You:

How To Dress Well
"Lost Youth/Lost You"
Weird World

"Change is hard," Tom Krell moans at the beginning of the song, emphasizing how hard it is to keep up with caprice. But leave it to Krell to make your typical moaning into something romantic and aesthetic, as he continues in the next line, "When you can't feel close even though that's what you need the most". Appetency or longing is usually the major theme of Krell's songs, and even if it isn't, Krell's music is able to induce the same feeling. While "Lost Youth/Lost You", the first single off his latest album, Care, is clearly about losing, regrets, and strong desire to get some thing that's already gone, Krell's able to craft it into something that somehow sounds more "cheerful" than his previous songs, a solid proof that Care is the most joyous album that Krell has ever made. Before Krell speaks in "Lost Youth/Lost You", there's an evanescent static sound, as if a sign of disconnection from his previous significant other. In a way, "Lost Youth/Lost You" reminds us a lot of "Repeat Pleasure", and it can be put nicely in his 2014's What Is This Heart?, a continuation of his masterpiece. "Lost Youth/Lost You" ends with more static voice, another sign that he finally has let go of everything and decided to just go, "Lost Youth/Lost You" may not be Krell's best songs, but even so, it surely can wreck up your year-end list. 

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