Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review Thursday: How To Dress Well - "What's Up"

How To Dress Well
"What's Up"
Weird World

For most of people, "What's up?" may be the most mundane way to start a conversation. Trying to engage and provoke other people's business are probably the most dreadful thing to undergo and something as simple and as colloquial as "What's up?" may evoke our fear. Either we enjoy being "what's up"-ed or not, there's no way to ignore it and a response is unescapable. It may be various, but one thing that remains the same is that "what's up" is the door to people's soul as we get to know someone better, and it leads into something deeper and bosom. 

For someone who's a maven in nihilism, Tom Krell, surprisingly thoroughly understands the surreptitious meaning behind a simple "what's up". His "What's Up" is not trifling and it's not intended to fill the void in an elevator or break the ice in a lame party. Instead, it is honest, veracious, and direct. "I wanna know your mouth/ I wanna see the things the way you see them," Krell begins fortrightly amid the bravura beat that we're all used to. Krell repeats "Say it was you" four times in a choir-esque before hitting the second chorus when the tempo crescendoes and Krell infuses the bongo-like instrument in an upbeat and gay rhythm, something that you won't associate How To Dress Well with immediately. "I really feel like you know me/ And that's just the craziest thing," Krell emphasizes that his "What's Up" is not a dreadful question, and as it's proven from the absence of question mark in the title, "What's Up" actually skips the trivial part of the question, but jump directly to the true meaning of asking such question: to bring an intimacy. 

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