Saturday, August 29, 2015

Review Saturday: Zak Abel - "Soul Child"

Zak Abel
Soul Child
One Hand on the Future

Zak Abel is probably known as a feature artist in Gorgon City's "Unmissable" last year, but it was "These Are The Days" that makes me notice him more. Abel's unique and distinctive voice sounds really mature beyond his age, and it really fits R&B/soul genre that he chooses. When I discovered that Abel just released his latest EP yesterday, I have such a high expectation and anticipation. I am extremely elated that this 19-year-old young man can fulfill my expectation. 

One of the most standout tracks from One Hand on the Future is "Soul Child". It is an incredible soulful song which surprisingly really catchy. Started by Abel's guitar-picking--the result of his self-learning in playing guitar and piano--"Soul Child" breathes a different kind of soul that I've never listened from any other soul songs before. Abel's voice and Joker's production complete each other in this song. The most standout part of the track, though, is when Abel swirls his voice on chorus as he sings, "And all I wanna do is give you my everything, give everything to you". Abel injects modernity on his songs that makes "Soul Child" a flowing and a neoteric song. 

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