Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review Wednesday: FKA twigs - "in time"

FKA twigs
in time
Young Turks

This week is really interesteng. It makes all hipster rejoice as several "hipster-darling" gives several pleasant surprises, like Deerhunter's new song "Snakeskin" from their latest album, Fading Frontier, Deafhaven's new song, and of course FKA twigs' surprise EP release. As much as I love "Snakeskin", FKA twigs took the gold medal away this week.

Tahliah Barnett seems to be on fire these past three (or four?) years. After releasing an amazing album, LP1, last year, Barnett decides to surprise her fans by dropping such an expected EP. She actually has teased several songs on music festival before, like "Glass & Patron" or "in time" before, but this sudden EP is somehow still shocking.

Just like most of FKA twigs' previous songs, "in time" still talks about shaky relationship imbued with sensual lyrics and whispers. She starts the song with "In time, you'll learn to say sorry", like another proof that women are always right--while of course, they are always right. She continues, "And I will play tender with you". She exactly knew what her man wants. In "in time" she and her lover are in torturous relationship. She longs for his "hands on my body will resonate through me" and that's what will make their relationship "better" and "stronger"

"in time" is also unique musically. twigs imbued this song with trip-electronic just like what she did in LP1. However, I don't find this song belongs to the album. "in time" is just like a whole new entity and it is another perfect song by her.

You can listen to "in time" starting from minute 7:10.

*Review Wednesday is a song article which will be posted every Wednesdays (hiopefully) regularly. It talks about the stand-out songs that I listen this week*

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