Friday, September 18, 2015

Review Friday: Ryan Adams - "Bad Blood"

Ryan Adams
Bad Blood

Back in August when Ryan Adams posted several snippets of his covering all songs in Taylor Swift's 1989, I can't help but feeling excited. Taylor Swift as well. And I can imagine when Swift found out the news, she just hyperventilated and put on her trademark shocking expression. I thought Adams just wanted to have fun, and this 1989 project is just used to spend his leisure something, but when he finally decided to drop this album cover and shared "Bad Blood", the internet loses its shit. All hell breaks loose. 

Adams' "Bad Blood" is just like what you expect from Swift when she's still in country. His "Bad Blood" is really tender, and you can't sense any anger from the song. Instead, it feels like an apology song. My favorite is part is when Adams hushes at the interlude, adding new line as well--just like what he did when he covered Oasis' Wonderwall. Adams breathes a new soul to Swift's songs, making her songs become his own songs. If Adams released it first, and you tell me that this song is Taylor Swift's songs, I will tell you must be out of your mind. 

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