Sunday, September 6, 2015

Review Sunday: Wave Racer - Flash Drive (feat. B▲by)

Wave Racer
Flash Drive (feat. B▲by)
Flash Drive
Future Classic

In 1996, Nintendo released a racing game for Nintendo 64, called Wave Race 64. It's basically like a jet-ski race, and it looks really exhilarating and fun. When 21-year-old Sydney producer, Thomas Purcell, whose surname is similar with the author of my Calculus book, Purcell (the producer one) adopts this Nintendo game as his stage name, he also adopts the exhilaration and the fun of Wave Race 64. 

Purcell brings us back memories of 8-bit game from late 1980's until 1990's in his works, and it is clearly shown on his latest work, "Wave Racer". Taken from his latest extended play, "Flash Drive" is an adventurous song. It magically can bring you into a Nintendo-game nostalgia, and suddenly you become a nine year old boy all over again, playing Super Mario or Contra. "Flash Drive" is full of synthesizers, but it's an extremely light and  "cute" electronic songs. It's not overproduced, it's just simple, but this is exactly what I need. B▲by, whose name is boldly using black delta symbol, provides the vocal, making "Flash Drive" an exhilarating and refreshing song, just like what you feel when you play Nintendo. 

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