Thursday, September 17, 2015

Review Thursday: DIIV - "Dopamine"

Is the Is Are
Captured Tracks

DIIV is known with their dreamy songs, and "Dopamine" is no exception. After waiting for almost three years, this Brooklyn-based band teases us the first song from their sophomore album, Is the Is Are, which is all written by Zachary Cole Smith. And just like what DIIV usually treats us, "Dopamine" is capable of teleporting the listener to another realm. A nice and strong guitar-riff starts the song, and it blends perfectly with the Smith's vocal. "Dopamine" somehow can hypnotize me as the chord doesn't shift and and Cole sings the verses, "Shots wringing out, I'm soaking eardrums shaking and years start weighing me down" over and over. But, that's what makes "Dopamine" one of DIIV's best songs. It's like what real dopamine does to your body. 

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