Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review Thursday: The Hotelier - "Piano Player"

The Hotelier
Piano Player
Tiny Records

The Hotelier's second album, Goodness, is probably one of my anticipated albums of the year. I really love their 2014's Home Like Noplace Is There which opens my mind that punk can be fun. And this year, this Massachusetts band comes back with Goodness, with "Piano Player" serves as the first single. 

You know what catches my attention the first is the album cover. The uncensored cover features a bunch of naked young old that makes you're very uncomfortable, but that's the point here because this band doesn't want to hide something, they want to be honest with their listener, and that's what they do with "Piano Player". 

They don't waste their time, starting the song with Frederick's fiery drum. But, the best part of "Piano Player" how Holden pens the song. It's like a fluid story, penned by a Pulitzer winner. Most of the album is inspired by Holden's experience as a camp counselor, where he met a girl who taught him a lullaby. Its influence is shown as he sings, "A kid half my age, baby's breath and meadow sage clutched in her hands like trophy game," The Hotelier's "Piano Player" once again convinces me that they're one of the best punk bands right now.  

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