Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review Wednesday: The Range - "Five Four"

The Range
"Five Four"
Domino Recordings

When people watch YouTube for fun, watching obscure videos, and dwindling their IQ, James Hinton a.k.a The Range is inspired by them. On his latest album, Potential (out March 25), Hinton digs the depth of YouTube and finds hidden diamond that he can sample for his work. On "Florida", which is released last January--a first taste of Potential, he samples an Ariana Grande cover from this girl. I can say that I'm impressed because Hinton is able to bring something new to the table. "Florida" is a fun song and you can hear Hinton's genius blasted from this song. 

In "Five Four", Hinton samples another hidden YouTube's gem from a real rapper, an acapella video from  OphQi and Superior Thought. Interestingly, "Five Four" sounds like your token electric-rap song. But, it's a song about frustration as you can listen from Hinton's piano and repetitive beat in "Five Four", making this song much darker. Superior Thought capture the frustrating feeling of frustration as he raps, "Scarred from the hard tasks and dreams that never came to pass." Its repetition is also the essence of frustration; when you keep circling the same path but you're not fruitful, that's when the frustration begins haunt your mind.

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