Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review Sunday: Nicholas Krgovich - "The Place Goes Quiet"

Nicholas Krgovich
"The Place Goes Quiet"
The Hills
Tin Angel Records

The prolific Canadian multi-instrumentalist, Nicholas Krgovich, has released tons of materials in his Bandcamp account, yet there is not any single Wikipedia page for him. So, when I heard his latest song, "The Place Goes Quiet" and looked his name up on the internet, I can't gather enough information about him. I grew frustrated because "The Place Goes Quiet" is really fun. 

It's absolutely not a song for winter, but since his latest album, The Hills, will be released on March, I think he means "The Place Goes Quiet" to be a song to prepare for a spring. "The Place Goes Quiet" starts by cheery drum thump and beat, which kinda reminds me of Jonathan Boulet's songs. It's so gay--I mean the cheerful one. Krgovich's falsetto voice blends with his own rhythm. According to Krgovich, this song was written in 2010 when he looks an overlong grass in his uncle's yard. After he cut the grass, he felt so satisfied that he began to get inspired. It's a unique way to get inspiration, of course, but it is another prove that inspiration can come from anything. So, no reason to procrastinate, dickhead! Yes, you dickhead, Daniel!

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