Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review Tuesday: Parachute - "Without You"

"Without You"
Wide Awake
Vanguard Records

There's always part in my heart for every Parachute's songs no matter how hipster I have become. It is not exaggerating as Parachute's songs contain quintessences and substances, as proven by their previous singles. There's no other song that slaps me as hard as "Kiss Me Slowly", a tender love song that is so beautiful it makes me cry. 

This Charlottesville band is back with "Crave" last year, but this song is really typical and forgettable, it's not like typical Parachute songs. They may grow; they may change. Even so, I still have some faith for Parachute. Then, they release "Without You", another taste from their fourth album, Wide Awake. And as if they are finally wide awake, "Without You" is back on their correct track. "Without You" is a pop-rock song infused with gospel sound. In a way, it sounds a lot like "Something To Believe In (Jeremiah)" especially in gospel choir department. "Without You" itself is a fun love song. Will Anderson with his distractive blue eyes sings "I don't wanna fall sleep without you", talking about an attachment that is formed when you fall in love. 

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