Saturday, January 9, 2016

Review Saturday: Chairlift - "Crying In Public"

"Crying In Public"
Columbia Records

Let me tell you an embarrassing story. I once have cried in a public space due to heavy burden that I must carry and such as. I will leave the frivolous details out, but you get a point that crying in public is not something triumphant. But, it's okay to cry sometimes. It's something healthy. And crying is humane, regardless of your gender. 

In New Year, where everything is so gloomy yet so festive at the same time, Brooklyn-duo Chairlift decides to release a ballad song as their third single from long-anticipated album, Moth, due release several weeks from now. It suits the cold and soft weather of January, but it is definitely different than previous two songs that Chairlift has released before: "Ch-Ching" and "Romeo". Still, Chairlift maintains their fun, but "Crying In Public" feels so tender and genuine. This is where Caroline Polachek's voice sounds the best as she sings the chorus, "I'm sorry I'm crying in public. I swear I'm falling for you, I'm falling for you." Have you ever felt falling in love so hard, that you wanna cry? Just ask Chairlift. They know. 

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